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Euro Diamond Drilling

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Wall & Floor sawing & Hydraulic Bursting

We have a range of services for which we can provide contractors within the construction industry.

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Diamond Drilling

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Diamond Drilling is a efficient way of cutting holes and openings in concrete. We offer sizes from 10mm to 1m in diameter, through concrete and brickwork of all M and E installations. Diamond Drilling segments are welded to the drilling ends of the drill bits, while electric powered motors bolted to the rig to drive the rotation method needed. This technique ensures low noise output and is dust free.

Floor Sawing >

Floor Sawing

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This is used to cut flat concrete surfaces, roads, pavements, bridges, car parks and concrete slabs. This is a quick and clean way to cut concrete in a short space of time. This cutting system consists a circular blade mounted on a spindle and powered by a diesel engine. Also for indoor cutting a electrical powered saw using is used with the use of 3Phase power. An operator tents to the saw while it cuts. We offer a range of floor saws with Diesel or electric power sources for every need.

Track Sawing >

Track Sawing

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This is a fast and precise method for cutting opening in vertical concrete surfaces. The method consists of a track that is bolted to the concrete surface, used to support a travelling bogie with a circular steel blade. Our blades have all got diamond segments on the ends. The bogie travels forward and backwards on the track rails by an electric motor. This completes the cut by the same method over the surface. This cutting method is used to cut openings up to 800mm deep.

Controlled Demolition >

Controlled Demolition

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Euro Diamond Drilling has a small fleet of remote controlled demolition machines, manufactured by Brokk in Sweden. With a small carriage these machines can do a lot of demolition in confined spaces. Operators control these machines from a safe-distance using remote control methods. These machines are powered by electric motors, which helps lower noise levels and rules out exhaust fumes in confined spaces. Each Brokk machine can be fitted with Breakers and Jaw Munchers for a wide range of tasks.

Soil Sampling >

Soil Sampling

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Recently Euro Diamond Drilling has branched into soil investigation and position probing. We have added a Competitor 130 Stand alone drilling rig which is powered by a small petrol power pack. This small drilling rig is the perfect tool for site investigation, position probing and soil sampling in basements or confined spaces with not much access. We offer soil sampling and cased bore holes up to 12m deep, window samples can be taken for soil research at each meter. For any further inquires please contact Keith Morrow, Contracts Manager.

Wire Sawing >

Wire Sawing

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This form of cutting is ideal for the removal of large concrete structured. Opposed to stitch drilling this method is twice as fast and a very low noise level. A diamond wire is threaded through a pulley system attached to a drive wheel. While cutting a constant pulling force is applied to the spinning wire which cuts through the material. The wire size can be extended for large cutting depths.

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